Note: Keep a look out for more varieties coming soon to Mighty Mato.

Eggplant Bonica

Mighty_Veggie_EggplantBonicaTransplant: 60 to 90cm apart in rows, 90 to 120cm apart in full sun.

Bonica is a high yielding, traditional round or oval-shaped eggplant with shiny purple fruit. Harvest time is approximately 70 days.

Capsicum Big Bertha

Mighty_Veggie_Capsicum_Big_BerthaTransplant: 60 to 90cm apart in rows 90 to 120cm apart in full sun.

Big Bertha produces a large thick walled bell shaped capsicum to 18 x 10cm. The fruit is crunchy and tasty and is green turning to red. Fruit can be picked green or allowed to fully ripen and turn red. Picking green will increase the yield but ripened fruit will have a better taste.